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Sandra Bullock Will Be the Villain in the Despicable Me Spin-Off

Sandra Bullock Will Be the Villain in the Despicable Me Spin-Off

Universal’s upcoming Despicable Me spin off, Minions, has just added an A-lister to its voice cast, as Sandra Bullock has been confirmed to be voice actress for the movie’s main villain.

In Minions, Bullock’s character will be a villain named Scarlet Overkill, who is hellbent on world domination, which isn’t that noteworthy considering Despicable Me’s protagonist is ALSO hellbent on world domination.

The Minions in the film will be established as a race of critters who have been around since the dawn of time, forever thwarting their masters with their silly antics and perpetual clumsiness. The movie will start following the minions in the 1960s, where they are attending a convention of supervillains in order to worm their way into the service of Scarlett Overkill. Overkill, on the other hand, has plans of her own: to become the world’s first female supervillain.

Minions will open in the US on December 19, 2014, but if that seems like to much of a wait, you can also see the yellow little cuties return in Despicable Me 2, which opens on July 3, 2013.

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