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SC Films and TeamTo Produces Gus

SC Films and TeamTo Produces Gus

SC Films is currently looking for buyers for the new CG animated film produced by TeamTO, titled “Gus.” The film will feature an English-language script written by Cory Edwards (Hoodwinked) and a voice cast that includes Dakota Fanning, Seth Green, Richard Kind, Christine Baranski, Danny Glover and Elliot Gould. The movie is directed by Dominique Monfery (Eleanor’s Secret) and Christian De Vita (storyboard artist on Frankenweenie and Fantastic Mr. Fox).

Gus follows the adventures of a misunderstood orphan yellow bird who manages to unite a flock of migratory birds and leads them to Africa using the Arctic Circle. The English script is directly based on the French script by Antoine Barraud. The movie itself is slated for a Christmas 2014 release in France.

“Gus is both a fable, and a touching human comedy about self-realization,” says Producer Corinne Kouper (Babar: The Adventures of Badou, Angelo Rules, Plankton Invasion)

Via: Screen Daily

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