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Scariest Cartoon Characters #2: Chernabog

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 2 Chernabog

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The second scariest cartoon character of all time is the black god demon from Fantasia, Chernabog. Though he ranks so high on the list, He is oddly not very well known. It is possible that the world of cartoons thought he was SO scary that they could only bring him around in rare occasions — otherwise they’d all die of fright! If you don’t know the character, consider yourself lucky! … so far…

Chernabog is a demon who rules over Bald Mountain. In the famous Disney cartoon film Fantasia, he is shown in the segment “Night on Bald Mountain” carrying about his evil actions to the scariest of tunes. You might have later battled him in the Kingdom Hearts video game series. In either place, he is a truly monstrous form, towering as a massive shadowy figure, with dragon-like wings and glowing white eyes. He has the ability to control demon spirits and rise ghosts from the grave to attack the light world. I told you, scary stuff, right?? Now I’m worried that because we mentioned him, he’ll be back to scare us some more!! So let’s just forget I said anything, OK??? Check out the video footage of this selection


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  1. Hayden Edwards Hayden Edwards

    You apparently haven’t seen Zorc Necrophades.

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