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Scariest Cartoon Characters #5: Gargamel

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 5 Gargamel

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At the mere appearance of Gargamel, 5th on our list, evil music begins to play in your head. That’s the sound of scary! The smurfs are these lovable, happy, little blue… things. People? I’m not sure. Whatever they are, they’re tiny, they live in villages made out of mushrooms and toadstools, and they’re peaceful. So, everything should be perfect for them, right? Perfect and smurfy? No no, not on a list like this!

That’s where the evil sorcerer Gargamel comes in. Gargamel hates Smurfs. HATES Smurfs. He not only wants to get rid of all of the Smurfs, but he wants to kill them, cook them, and eat them! ALL of them! I mean, talk about a bad dude. Along with his cat Azrael, who is every bit as evil as him, Gargamel spends every moment of every day hunting down the secret location of the Smurf village in his never-ending effort to destroy them once and for all. Many bad guys want to defeat their good enemies but… to eat them? Yipes. Take a look


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