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Sci-Fi Quest Love You to Bits Now Available on iOS

Love You to Bits is a new puzzle-filled, point-and-click sci-fi adventure game is now available for iOS devices. This fresh game is complete with neat animated storytelling and great visuals and follows a clumsy rookie space explorer Kosmo, who is searching for his robot girlfriend Nova, who’s been missing.

A terrible accident destroys Nova to pieces and disperses them through space so Kosmo should embark a mission to collect every bit and pieces to put his girlfriend back together – and he has to do it while avoiding mad space monsters and other dangers.

Love You to Bits was created by Barcelona indie studios and Alike Studio over the last two years. The game whips players off to mystifying worlds and planets that are filled with strange creatures, mind-boggling space-time puzzles as well as hidden love-tokens to collect. As you complete the levels, new glimpses at Kosmo and Nova’s captivating love story are unlocked.

The game is published by Rovio and developed by 5Ants and is now available from the App Store. Versions for PC, Mac and Android are coming soon.


Cecilia Cordero

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