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Screechers Wild webisodes launch on YouTube

Earlier this week, Alpha Group debuted the first four animated shorts from their new brand Screechers Wild. Part of a western launch of the company’s Chinese Opti-Morphs brand, the redesign was created with the help of Man of Action. The YouTube shorts are part of an initial rollout, with the goal of eventually launching a full-fledged TV series. While the fiction is all-new, the two share a common trait of sleek vehicles transforming through 360° leaps brought on by a disk.

Screechers Wild is a world where walking, talking beasts get behind the wheel of Screechers – a race car/machine hybrid that harnesses the mysterious molecular energy Animatter and transforms their sleek rides into awesome beast-powered juggernauts!

Whether racing the mean Streets of Pen City or battling a rival Screecher crew deep in the jungles of Boscage Cungle there is always adventure around every corner.

The web-series was produced in conjunction with Atomic Cartoons in Vancouver, Canada. 40 shorts are planned to be distributed online throughout the year. They’ll focus on The Savage Mutts, a crew of animals who love cars. The first four episodes showcase an insect Robin Hood, an Animatter battle at a fueling station, the importance of music appreciation, and a Screecher’s fight.

Alpha Group’s toy division will be supporting Screechers Wild with a range of transforming vehicles. The products are broken down into three main categories: Level 1 vehicles that feature basic transformations and 2 discs for $10, Level 2 vehicles that feature a slightly more advanced transformation and 4 discs for $15, and Level 3 vehicles that feature advanced transformations that utilize 2 discs at once. The latter include 6 discs and will initially be available exclusively at Toys”R”Us in North America. Additionally, Alpha is selling two launchers that help trigger the transformation. They include a vehicle and two exclusive discs for $20. All told, the initial assortment includes 16 items, with more on the way soon. The toys are already starting to trickle into retailers in North America, with a European launch scheduled for the spring.

Screechers Wild is a big initiative for Alpha and will be supported by a television advertisement campaign. The company also partnered up with 5 Elements Entertainment to launch a fully featured website for the brand. Fans can check out the webisodes, read up on their favorite racers, check out the toyline and see which Screecher would be the best for them.

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