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Season 2 of Brickleberry Premieres Next Month


The highly dysfunctional group of forest rangers in Comedy Central’s animated comedy series Brickleberry will be returning for a second season this coming September 3, at 10:30 PM. Produced by Daniel Tosh and Waco O’Guin and Roger Black, the season will consist of 13 hilarious and never before seen episodes. The season will kick off after the fall premiere of Daniel Tosh’s Tosh.0.

Brickleberry’s second season will be heralded by the episode “Miracle Lake,” which centers on Woody as he discovers that Brickleberry Lake has mysterious healing powers. Naturally, Woody attempts to cash in on it, with the help of Malloy. Meanwhile, Denzel is busy trying to break the world record for sleeping with the oldest woman on Earth.

In support of the new season, the official site ( will feature brand new episode previews, highlights, and photo galleries of concept artwork taken from the upcoming episodes.

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