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Season Finale of Bravest Warriors – Catbug


Last fall, we saw the launch of Frederator Studios’ own Youtube animation channel, dubbed Cartoon Hangover. The channel featured the adaptation of James Kochalka’s SuperF***rs and Pendleton Ward’s (Adventure Time) Bravest Warriors. Kochalka’s offering got mixed reviews, but Ward’s Bravest Warriors unsurprisingly gained a lot of following and was well-received like his Cartoon Network series.

Bravest Warriors features four teenage heroes for hire warping all over the universe in order to save adorable little aliens. The season finale has just been posted over at the official Cartoon Hangover Youtube channel, but we have embedded it below for you viewing pleasure:

The season finale is titled Catbug, and follows the Bravest Warriors as they receive mysterious gifts from the See-Through Zone. They must use their wits to unlock the door to the greatest secret. The episode, fitting for a season finale, promises more emotion, Catbug, and delicious peanut butters in volumes unlike any other!

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