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New Seasons of George of the Jungle Commissioned by Teletoon

New Seasons of George of the Jungle Commissioned by Teletoon

Teletoon Canada has recently commissioned a new season of Jay Ward’s classic animated series George of the Jungle, which will be produced by Singapore’s August Media Holdings and Ottawa’s Chocolate Moose Media.

Based on the classic cartoon from 1967, George of the Jungle focuses on a clumsy, yet well meaning and completely loveable version of the King of the Jungle. George’s naiveté and constant goofs never prevent him from coming out on top of any situation, especially since he has the help his best buddies Ape, Ursula, Magnolia, and his pet dog named Shep (who is actually an elephant).

“Since 1967 more than three generations have loved George of the Jungle on TV,” says founder and CEO of August Media Holdings Jyotirmoy Saha (Moy). “We are thrilled to bring the series back to the small screen and excited to be part of George’s future adventures.”

“President of Bullwinkle Studios and daughter of Jay Ward, Tiffany Ward, adds, “With George being one of my all-time favorite characters, I’m absolutely delighted that the second season of George of the Jungle is in production. It’s amazing to think that the original television series created 46 years ago has led to new productions including a Disney feature film and now a second TV season. I am eternally grateful for the ongoing legacy of George created by my father.”

“Canadian producer of Chocolate Moose Media, Firdaus Kharas says, “The new George of the Jungle has had a Canadian home since 2007 and I’m delighted to be a part of its success. We are pleased to be working with August Media in Singapore in what I believe will be the first of many TV productions to come.”

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