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Secret Ranch Gets Presale Deals

Secret Ranch Gets Presale Deals

The new animated series Secret Ranch has recently secured presale deals with TF1, Teletoon and Equidia (France), public channels ARD and KI.KA (Germany), and DeA Kids (Italy). Secret Ranch, produced by Paris-based animation studio Tele Images Productions, follows the story of four horse-loving teens who work on a secret ranch in the wild, which is intended for rescued horses.

To be distributed by Zodiak Kids, Secret Ranch has already begun preproduction and it is estimated that the first of the 26 x 22 minute episodes will premiere in the international market on spring, 2013. Current video rights is held by TF1.

Zodiak Kids incorporates Marathon Media, Tele-images Productions, Zodiak Active Kids Entertainment Division and The Foundation, as well as Zodiak Rights Kids & Family TV sales division. Among the umbrella company’s numerous animated shows are Waybuloo, Redakai, Totally Spies, Gormiti, Street Football, Sally Bollywood, Dani’s House, Mister Maker and The Qpiz.

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  1. Ion Ion

    Hi everyone,
    I hope it will hit the Great british sooner. The animation look very good, better then horse land animation series by Andy Heyward

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