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Sentai Filmworks Planning to Phase Out DVD

If you’re sitting on an extensive DVD anime collection and are planning on adding a few titles to it, you may want to act fast as anime distributor Sentai Filmworks has confirmed plans to phase out the DVD format from their lineup. You don’t actually have to go full-on panic mode and buy every missing gap in your collection right now, though. Sentai Filmworks is doing a gradual phase out of the format. Additionally, the distributor has added stipulations to their plan: older titles that have no Blu-Ray releases will still have DVD releases, and titles with second or third seasons already released will still be provided a DVD option.

To encourage fans to switch over to Blu-Ray, Sentai Filmworks is also offering a complementary Blu-Ray player to customers who purchase $299 worth of products from their online store. The promo period will run from September 18, 2017 to September 30, 2017.

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Sentai Filmworks Planning to Phase Out DVD

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