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Some short words about 2015, and Growth as Fans of Animation

Note: Happy New Year everybody. I told you that i was writing more on Toon Barn, and so yes – here it is – day one of 2015. First off, there are some older works that i wrote on other websites that didn’t get a audience will come here a long with the new stuff and the news i will post. Also some other works as well. Keep a look out for all of it.

Here is what you need to expect in 2015:

Danger Mouse: The UK Series is in the final stages of production, and should air around Spring. With the so – so results of recent remakes, and the weakness in the TV animation business in the UK, some might say the show doesn’t stand a shot, but it may play better in international waters, especially in the US – where the majority of its remakes and sequels leave a lot to be desired. It also might be the series the UK animation field hangs its hat on, its been a long time coming for the Brits to gave a major hit and they are LONG past due.

Yokai Watch/Ghost Watchers: Outside of Danger Mouse, this is the only other major series coming from outside the states. The Video Game sales are Pokemon level and the anime is top 15 in all of Japan. This is one of biggest franchises for Kids that Japan has since the Days of Pokemon, but with so much of the US industry being held by a few hands, it may not have the same success. Unless a major surprise takes place between now and September – it may be airing on a smaller tier network like Disney XD and the latter network has treated Doramon horribly. Could something be in the works for Playstation Vue? Who knows.

Outside of Star Wars: Rebels, No major hits incoming from Canada or the US: The KidVid business (if there was one) is continuing a transition phase back to the old “Saturday Mantennae”, where the DC and Marvel sequels will give theaters content till 2022 (no im serious). As more economic brain trust heads towards these movies, it will be a difficult time for new animated product to air on the three kids networks – that isnt headed for Adult Swim or ADHD on FXX.

A “Culture War”/ Splitting of the audience is now brewing in Animation: While Video Games and some elements of Music are going through fanbase wars, a similar one from the same folks are now taken hold in western animation, just as it did in the mid 2000’s with anime in the US (which lead into the creation of Crunchyroll) This is more with the independent side of animation and the fights between those who have connections in TV, and those on the outside looking in. Expect with the Korra ending – a realization that its only a flash in the pan and if more is to come, they going to have to follow Crunchyroll’s model (which is sad if you really think about it, Crunchyroll started by breaking the law)

VFX reaches a Crisis point in 2015: The thing that could destroy the modern day gravy train of mega superhero movies is the way Hollywood suits treat their VFX workers. There was such a thing as Motion Capture as a “Higher” form of Animation, but that isnt going to fly as all of the outsourcing reaches a point of no return. Disney saw the light of day, and i expect that there will be a lot of Buyouts of VFX houses very soon. Not to mention that Disney via ILM, and Pixar controls nearly between 35 and 50% of all of the computer hardware and software used in these movies and they are NOT cheap to upgrade.

Streamers like Netflix/Amazon and Crunchyroll start suffering setbacks: Its more of a overall event, but look out for issues to start popping up for Netflix and it will effect everything else in the online world when it comes to VOD and streams. Sony had the right idea with Playstation Vue, but even then the price could kill the Video Over IP service before it even starts if Disney starts using the ESPN tax mantra. But that also could depend on enough users enter the service. If you want to know how a VOD could work, look at New Japan Pro Wrestling World (Google It)- it is better than a lot of the US offerings when we are concerning the WWE, and Sony is using aspects of the former for PSVue, along with the Aerou live streaming idea.

Dont Trust the TV On-line Listers like Toonzone and sometimes Zap2It: They are bad and getting worse. Cable changes lineups every day for things that will happen a week in advance – how much more six months in advance? They haven’t gotten it right and in the case of Toonami, never will. If you need the actual schedule, go to the shows website or the networks (if they allow it). Ironically its the entertainment shows like ET, that will give accurate times!

…As well, in the same breath…dont trust the Monday Night Quarterbacks…: See, they are like a very bad clock. Every time they wind it up, it breaks. and they they say it isn’t broken, then they wind it up again… err, its a act of god… then you wonder why you ever trust them in the first place on Twitter. At least go to the source – there are people that actually will answer your questions if your nice to them.

Expect Changes on Toonami: Because we have the Intruder arriving in 2015 to coincide with the over all Turner retrofit, which first phase ends this year. The second phase ends around 2020. What changes we will see – cant say. But it will have more music, whatever else its up to Mr Demarco and his team.

Old School Animation might help Save Video Games: I may not be a huge fan of the XBox One, but the upcoming Cuphead is a unusual take on 2D platformers. There have been certain styles done before – but not quite like this. Expect this one near the summer.

This is only the beginning folks, some old stuff i worked on and some new stuff im working on, all coming here on Toon Barn in 2015 stay Tooned.

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