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Sony to Revamp Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sony to Revamp Sabrina the Teenage Witch
According to a recent report, Sony Pictures is planning to revamp Sabrina the Teenage Witch into a live-action superhero franchise. The character was designed by Dan DeCarlo for Archie Comics back in the 60s, and was simply portrayed as a well-meaning teenager who’s having difficulties balancing her normal teenage life with her responsibilities as the youngest member of a clan of witches.

Sony’s plan is to make a new movie that follows in the footsteps of recent blockbuster comic book flicks, which focuses on Sabrina’s origin story and her struggle to accept life as a powerful witch. The new direction is a far cry from all the past iterations of the character, who’s always been portrayed in a comedic light in the cartoon shows, solo comic book titles, and even the live-action sitcom that served as a stepping stone for former Nickelodeon teen star Melissa Joan Hart.

Sony’s version is planned to have an edgier and more serious tone, but they plan on holding on to Salem, Sabrina’s sarcastic talking cat familiar, who will be a “transformed prince” in their movie.

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