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South Korean Film Padak Now on Steam Net, Soon on Amazon

eigoMANGA, a San Francisco-based digital media publisher presents Padak, an animated feature film which is now streaming on Steam and coming soon to Amazon Instant Video.

Padak, written and directed by Lee Dae Hee, is a Korean CG-animated film that follows the lives of fish living in captivity in a sushi restaurant. While some fish allows their doom, others choose to fight to change their fate. Padak has received awards from different prestigious festivals including Jeonju International Film Festival, Vladisvostok International Film Festival and Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival.

Padak will also be available on all Steam-supported platforms including Mac, Windows, SteamOS and Linux.


Cecilia Cordero

A stay-at-home mom who writes enjoys pop culture in all of its forms. You can find more of her stuff at Super Hero Stuff I Want
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