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Spike Chunsoft Interested in Bringing Attack on Titan Game to North America

According to a recent report by Siliconera, a source at game development outfit Spike Chunsoft has let it slip that they are interested in bringing the Attack on Titan 3DS action game to North America, something that many Western fans of the series would no doubt appreciate due to the fact that 3DSes are region-locked.

Of course, the report didn’t confirm whether it’s going to happen, the source just stated that the company is “interested.” The source states that right now, they are searching for a publishing partner in order to make it happen.

For the uninitiated, the 3DS Attack on Titan game is titled “The Last Wings of Mankind,” and originally debuted in Japan back in December 2013. The game sold well enough that demand sometimes exceeded the supply, particularly in the first few months of release.

attack on titan 3ds

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