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Square Enix animates miraculous player moments from Dragon Quest X

Japanese game publisher Square Enix is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its Dragon Quest X massively mulitplayer online role-play gaming in an unusual fashion. While the company has more traditional content updates planned for the title, they also solicited some “miraculous stories” from fans about their experiences with the game. The result? A series of animated shorts bringing those stories to life. The first of which, titled “The Feeling of a Name” is now streaming on YouTube.

As the short wasn’t streamed with English subtitles, here’s a summary from Gemtasu:

“The Feeling of a Name” opens as a young girl watches her parents enjoy the in-game fireworks celebration for Dragon Quest X‘s fourth anniversary on August 2, 2016. She quietly points out to her father that it looks like everyone has gathered to celebrate Yukina’s birthday. Yukina is the name of her mother’s character, but in a flashback we learn that she was named after their elder daughter, Yukina, who passed away. A year goes by, and we see the father at a cafe, chatting in Dragon Quest X on his laptop, where it is suggested he proposes to his online friends the idea his daughter mentioned a year prior, unbeknownst to his wife. Finally, on August 2, 2017, the family is gathered once again to watch the in-game fireworks celebration for the game’s fifth anniversary. It is then that everyone viewing the fireworks start to wish Yukina a happy 15th birthday, bringing tears to the surprised mother’s eyes. Had she been alive, Yukina would have turned 15 years old that day.

Dragon Quest X is available in Japan on Nintendo Wii, Wii U and PC (with streaming versions of the latter available on Nintendo 3DS and mobile). A PlayStation 4 version will launch on August 17th. A version for the Nintendo Switch will be available on September 21st. No information regarding an international release has been shared.

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