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Square Enix Teases Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth-Related Project

Square Enix has recently released a teaser trailer for an upcoming project that is related to the Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth property. Details are scarce, but video game aficionados of a certain age will remember that the last Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth release was in 2006, which is a PSP port of an RPG that first debuted on the original Playstation. The teaser trailer doesn’t reveal anything substantial that would support any rumors other than the phrase “coming soon” implying that we’ll probably know more in the coming weeks or months.

You can check out the trailer below:

Aside from the teaser trailer, Square Enix has also created an official twitter account. You can follow said Twitter account to stay on top of future news and updates on the Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth teaser.

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