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Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 Gets New Consumer Products Partners

Genius Brands International has recently announced a new batch of licensing partners that have signed up to create merchandise based on Stan Lee’s Mighty 7, a brand new animated film trilogy that was created together with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and Archie Comics. The announcement was made by Genius Brands International’s Chairman and CEO, Andy Heyward.

A list of the new partners:

Factory Entertainment, leaders in the production and distribution of products that enhance fans experience with their favorite iconic brands, has secured a worldwide toy license for the franchise.

Black Lantern, a highly regarded video game developer, has acquired the worldwide video game rights. Zak Designs has acquired the right to produce and distribute mealtime and on-the-go products for the U.S. and Canada, with a plan to introduce products in Fall 2014.

Additional licensees for the comic-book based property include Fame Jeans, for board shorts, flip flops and headwear in the U.S. and all apparel for Canada; Greensource for apparel in the United States; Adtn International Ltd. for board shorts and sleepwear in the U.S.; and JCorp for all apparel in Canada. These manufacturers are all targeting product launch for spring 2014.

“Stan Lee has proven his ability to create timeless superheroes time and time again,” said Heyward. “His characters and storylines are legendary and with an all-star cast bringing Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 to life, the global marketplace is excited to be aligned with anything Stan touches.”


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