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Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 Gets Home Entertainment Deals


PGS Entertainment has recently announced that they have acquired home entertainment rights in the UK, France, Australia, and Canada for the upcoming animated feature trilogy from legendary comic book creator Stan Lee, titled “Stan Lee’s Mighty 7”, which is a joint venture between Lee’s own POW Entertainment, A Squared Entertainment, and Archie Comics.

The deals will see the series being released and distributed in the UK and France by Clear Vision, and in Australia by Beyond Home, and in Canada by Imavision. The series is co-created with Andy Heyward and Jon Goldwater, and features Lee playing himself in a story that has Archie comics hiring his services in order to create a new group of superheroes, only for seven aliens to crash land near his desert trailer. This leads to Stan Lee taking in the stranded aliens and keep them safe from their military pursuers, all the while teaching them how to adapt to life on Earth, and also trained them to become superheroes.

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