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Starlight Film and Konami Team Up for Contra Film Adaptation

One can blame (or laud) the positive reception to Netflix’s animated adaptation of the Castlevania videogame franchise, but a recent report has revealed that Starlight Film has entered into a partnership with game developer Konami, under which a live action film and TV drama series will be produced based on the iconic run-and-gun shooter franchise, Contra.

It shouldn’t be hard to imagine what kind of story a Contra adaptation will have — as long as it features two dudes running and gunning down an endless stream of bad guys, we’ll accept it as Contra and call it a day. Of course, whether the adaptation will retain the cheesy action themes that was much easier to swallow in the 80s or not remains to be seen.

The project is primarily a Chinese project for now, owing to the recent surge of Contra’s popularity in China thanks to the smart phone game called Contra: Return from Tencent. But the press release does state that a worldwide release is planned.


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Starlight Film and Konami Team Up for Contra Film Adaptation

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