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Three Stones Media Launches Animation Fund

Three Stones Media Launches Animation Fund

UK indie company Three Stones Media has recently started an Enterprise Investment Scheme fund that aims to promote production of animated children’s projects, which will include the BAFTA-nominated show about the raggae-playing mouse, Rastamouse. The EIS is being supported by One World Investments and Enteprise Private Equity. The EIS is primarily designed to aid small businesses raise funding through a range of tax reliefs for investors who will contribute towards the fund. The scheme will offer companies an alternative to co-production when starting projects.

The fund is currently targeting $16 million for investment into companies that are involved in animated children’s shows. Currently, Three Stones Media is in talks with various producers and creators in order to find projects that have a strong authored voice and a potential to attract audiences. The fund will also help support the chosen projects in strengthening their potential across different platforms and in maximizing the value of the IP in the licensing domain.

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