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Studio Licensing brings Mix Master: Final Force westward

Toronto’s Studio Licensing seems to be expanding their portfolio after losing their lucrative Nickelodeon deal. The company has picked up Mix Master: Final Force for North America, the 39-episode sequel series to Mix Master, a series based on an MMO animated by Korea’s Sunwoo Animation. The first animated series also ran for 39-episodes, but was picked up by France’s Moonscoop (Code Lyoko, etc.), and was dubbed in Vancouver with on-demand, and online streaming given to their own Kabillion division.

Despite featuring characters from the first series, it appears Mix Master: Final Force has little in common with the first Mix Master series, and can serve as a reboot. The first series followed to adventure of Ditt, and his friends who live in the city of Gamebridge. Suddenly, their wacky professor combines the world of the Mix Master video game, and the real world together, so now monsters (called “hench”) are invading the human world. It’s up to Ditt, and his friends to pull it together, and mix it up.


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