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Super BOOMi heads to Treehouse

Chinese CG-animated series Super BOOMi is about to make its Canadian debut. Corus Entertainment’s Treehouse channel will launch the series on Sunday, May 19th at 7:55 PM. Two of 40 x 11-minute episodes from the first season will air in that slot weekly.

Here’s a description of the first six episodes:

Welcome To Star World
BOOMi, Mia, Mac and their robot dog, BiBop must save all the toys before Mega Bug finds them all.

Basketball All-Stars
BOOMi, Mia, Mac and BiBop must save the basketball toy from Mega Bug. Only through teamwork can they win against a bigger and better Mega Bug team.

The Undersea Maze
BOOMi, Mia, Mac and BiBop are transported to the Undersea Maze, where they must save the crystal ball from Mega Bug. They must learn to listen to each other in order to win back the toy in this round.

Super Racecars
BOOMi, Mia, Mac and BiBop are transported to the Super Racecar track and must save the Race Car Toy from Mega Bug and his loyal racers. They must learn to not give up when the path ahead isn’t always clear.

Dinosaur Race
BOOMi, Mia, Mac and BiBop are transported to the Dinosaur world in order to save the Dinosaur toy. Mac ends up with the smallest dinosaur in the beginning, but in the end, they learn that with patience they can overcome any obstacle.

Hoverboard Race
BOOMi, Mia, Mac and BiBop are transported to a Hoverboard Racetrack in order to save the Hoverboard toy. Mac is over-confident and could lose the race for the team.

The series is created by Trevor Trevor Lai, CEO and founder of Up Studios. With two 52x11min seasons, Super BOOMi has built an extensive audience in China through the animation house’s partnership with tech giant Tencent. Tencent has continued to build on its capital investment in Up Studios’ properties, putting seasons 3 and 4 of Super BOOMi into production. Within nine months, the series racked up more than 930 million views on the company’s video platforms. Super BOOMi also airs on local broadcasters KAKU, CCTV and Hunan TV.

In April of last year, Up Studios announced an agreement with Nelvana to bring the series globally. Nelvana is also owned by Treehouse’s Corus Entertainment.

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