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Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Not Mandatory for Outfit Unlocks

These days videogame developers and publishers aim to get as much revenue out of players outside of what we already paid for in the game itself. This can range from microtransactions to the shortlived Toys-to-Life genre. Out of these T2L games, only one is still standing strong and that’s Nintendo’s Amiibos.

…and fortunately for players, it seems like Nintendo is dialing down the desire for revenue a bit, as it was recently revealed that Super Mario Odyssey may have outfits that can be unlocked instantly by amiibos, but they are not making it mandatory because “all outfits can be unlocked in-game without amiibo.”

Don’t think the amiibos are useless outside of collectibility, though. The Super Mario Odyssey amiibos do have in-game effects such as powerups, with Mario’s granting temporary invincibiliy, Peach giving a life-up heart, and Bowser revealing the locations of regional coins.

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Cecilia Cordero

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