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Sword Art Online Alternative Clip Teases Ending Theme

The official twitter account for The Sword Art Online has recently shared a new clip from the much-awaited adaptation of Sword Art Online Alternative – Gun Gale Online. This anime is based on the book by Keiichi Sigsawa, and is scheduled for an April 7 premiere. The story is still set in the world of Gun Gale Online and will be told from the perspective of the character named LLENN. Fans who have played the recently released Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will recognize LLENN right away, as she is one of the bonus party members in the game, alongside her partner Fukaziroh

The ending theme, titled To see the future, is sung by voice actress Tomori Kusunoki, who voices LLENN in the anime. LLENN is the in-game character of Kohiruimaki Karen, who in the real world is an extremely tall woman with long black hair but in-game uses an avatar that is short and slightly childlike in appearance. LLENN is easily recognizable for her dusky pink clothing and her trade mark preference for the P90 as a main weapon.

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