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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet on Steam Reaches 3rd Tier Rewards, Gives Away Re: Hollow Fragment

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet has already been available for pre-order on Steam for a few weeks now, but now is the time to pre-order the game if you were on the fence, because it has recently hit the 3rd tier of pre-order rewards, which means you get a free copy of Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment when it gets released.

For the uninitiated, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a 3rd person faux MMO shooter based on the hit anime and visual novel franchise, notably tackling the Gun Gale Online part of the story – this means the game has a sci-fi, gun-centric gameplay as opposed to the medieval fantasy feel of the other Sword Art Online games.

As part of their pre-order campaign, Bandai Namco has provisioned a three-tiered rewards system wherein each tier is unlocked as more people preorder. The first two tiers are your average in-game costumes and weapons, but the third is a full game. So it’s pretty much a good deal and now is the perfect time for a risk-free pre-order. You get the pre-order bonuses, but you also remain within Steam’s 14-days from purchase, less than 2-hours gameplay stipulation for no questions asked refund. So if you buy the game and end up with a dud, you can easily get your money back but if you do get something that is worth the purchase, you get a free full-length game

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