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Sword Art Online Makes its Way to Smartphones

Sword Art Online Makes its Way to Smartphones

There’s no denying that Sword Art Online is one of the hottest franchises these days, transcending language and cultural barriers to the point where it has gained fans even in countries that don’t exactly have them yet. But it turns out that they’re not done yet, as there are plans to expand even further when it comes to supported platforms.

With the recent launch of an official site and Twitter account, Sword Art Online fone has begun looking for Japanese and Singaporean beta testers for their beta version of Aincrad on the Android platform.




* Beta Version can be downloaded for free.
* The selection of party members and equipment that will only be introduced in the actual version will not be available.
* The Boss Monsters that would appear in the Beta Version can be defeated at beginner’s level.
* Google Play registration is required to download the Sword Art Online fone.
* Sword Art Online fone will only be available on Android OS. Please take note that iPhone and other mobile phone terminals are not supported.
* The actual date of release is not confirmed yet.
* Online download purchase will be through Google Play.
* There are plans for additional contents and updates.

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