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Taboo Tattoo To Get Adapted Into Anime

It has been previously reported that a seinen manga series by Shinjirō, Taboo Tattoo, is being adapted into a television anime series and slated for a July 2016 debut. Now, the staff for the upcoming series has also been announced.

Takashi Watanabe (Shakugan no Shana, The Slayers, Freezing, Heavy Object) will be the director of the ‘stylish action epic’ series at J.C. Staff anime studio. Shinjirō started the manga in Comic Alive magazine in November 2009 from Kadokawa’s Media Factory imprint. Yen Press will publish the 2nd volume in April in North America.

The series follows Seigi, a middle schooler who is pretty much ordinary except for his martial arts skills and a need to give protection to the weak. However, when his noble intentions are put to the test by saving a homeless old man from street gangsters, the mysterious man demonstrates his gratitude by burning a tattoo on Seigi’s palm.
The tattoo is a very powerful secret weapon that everybody’s after, including a tough girl with a tattoo of her own. His life is now in danger because his martial arts skills are no match against his opponents so he has no choice but to unlock the hidden potential of his tattoo to be able to fight.

The official website of the anime has been updated with a visual and more staff reveals. Shinya Hasegawa (Revolutionary Girl Utena, Golden Time) will design the characters while Mayori Sekijima (Pandora Hearts, Skip Beat!) and Masateru Ohtake will handle scripts and series composition. Shinji Hosoe is composing the music.

taboo tattoo

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