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TAIKO Takes One Small Step

TAIKO studios is preparing to present their first project, an animated short film titled One Small Step, on film festivals all over the world. The short film is the result of a collaboration between Student Academy Award-winner Shaofu Zhang and veteran Disney animators Bobby Pontillas and Andrew Chesworth. One Small Step’s story focuses on a Chinese American girl named Luna, who dreams of one day taking to the stars and becoming an astronaut.

“One Small Step is our love letter to everyone who chased that impossible dream and the family that supported them through it,” co-director Chesworth says. Chesworth’s experience animating for Disney spans nine productions over six years. Prior to Disney, he directed more than 30 commercials and short films for Make.

Co-director Bobby Pontillas’ background and journey becoming an artist helped inspire Luna’s character. “Luna’s story was something we could all relate to,” says Pontillas. “All dreams begin with a single step.”

No clips or preview images yet, but it is expected that the short will soon be making the rounds in the 2018 film festival circuit.

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