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Talking Tom Gets Star Trek: TNG Items


Mobile app developer Outfit7 has just entered into a partnership with CBS Consumer products for its hit Talking Friends app, Talking Tom. The partnership with CBS Consumer products gives them access to some licenses, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, for use in their own apps.

Under the licensing deal, fans of the new Talking Tom 2 (available now for iOS and Android devices) will now be able to purchase items from Star Trek: The Next Generation, with the cute little interactive animal going boldly where no man has gone before, or at least, boldly use clothing and accessories that no man has used before.

The licensing deal between Outfit7 and CBS Consumer products was brokered by IconicFuture, and marks the first time Outfit7 has snagged a popular third party license and integrated it into their Talking Friends line. Available in a two-tiered phase beginning now, consumers can purchase from Talking Tom the red and yellow uniforms of the Federation Star Fleet. Then, from mid-December, users will be able to buy the starship Enterprise itself, as well as Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge’s visors.

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