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TeamTO to bring several shows to the MIPTV Market

Animation studios are coming out in full force for the MIPTV Market this April. Among these hopefuls is French animation studio TeamTO, who will bring several of its CG-animated offerings to the MIPTVs.

TeamTO’s flagship offering is the 52×13 Jade Armor, which focuses on a pair of heroic kids in Asia, who must do battle with evil monsters with the aid of their scaled ball animal pals, aptly named Beasticons.

TeamTO will also bring the ecologically themed Plankton Invasion, which is already airing on Canal+ and Canal+Family in France and VTM and RTBF in Belgium. The show centers on 3 planktons. The trio’s mission is to warm up the planet, melt the polar ice caps, and flood the land so that they may rule the earth. Of course, planktons are not the brightest of living things under the ocean, so things don’t always go according to plan – with hilarious results.

Along with Jade Armor and Plankton Invasion, TeamTO will also offer the second seasons of the shows Angelo Rules and Babar and the Adventures of Badou. More details can be found at their site:

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