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TeamTO to Start Free Animation School in France

TeamTO has recently announced plans to start a consolidated and free animation school in Bourg-lès-Valence, (Drôme), l’Écas, and they aim to keep the school targeted towards students who have no prior experience or training. The school will be admitting 25 students per year (with plans to expand to 50 in the future) via a 6 month course in 3D animation that will provide them with the necessary skills for a professional career within the TV and film animation industry.

“Ten years ago I set up a similar training program in Vietnam where there was no significant production,” says Guillaume Hellouin, president of TeamTO. “The school was the seed that became what is Vietnam’s thriving 3D animation industry today, so I am very optimistic about the impact that training and education can have on increasing the talent pool for France’s extremely busy and demanding market.”

As mentioned earlier, the program will be open to candidates with no prior experience or qualifications. Instead, the selection process will be based entirely on the candidate’s natural ability and talent. Interested parties who are over 18 years of age can apply for initial consideration via an online test that is accessible through a browser, tablet, or smartphone. From there, the applicants will be winnowed down to the top 100 contenders who display the best natural aptitude, who will then undergo a more sophisticated and complex test followed by a personal interview.

TeamTO is renowned for producing some of the most sophisticated CGI animation in the market such as 4 seasons of their own Emmy-winning series Angelo Rules (also on Super RTL) and My Knight on Me (airing on Cartoon Network worldwide), Activision Blizzard’s Skylanders Academy, eOne’s PJ Masks, Disney’s Elena of Avalor and Sofia the First, and Ubisoft’s Rabbids Invasion.

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