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TeamTO Starts Production on My Knight and Me

French CG studio TeamTO has recently announced the start of prouction on the original animated series My Knight and Me. The 52 x 11 medieval comedy is targeted twards kids aged 6 to 11 and will be co-produced by Thuristar, with participation of broadcasters Canal+ Family, Teletoon+, Super RTL, VRT-Ketnet, RTBF-Ouftivi and distributor Cake Entertainment.

My Knight and Me follows the adventures of Jimmy the Squire and Cat the Princess, who are best friends at Epic High. The two are best friends with complementing personalities and they are joined by Jimmy’s dad, Sir Henri of Orange. Henri is a chivalrous knight who more than makes up for his lack of competence with passion and a positive outlook on life.

My Knight and Me is scheduled for delivery by the end of 2016, with broadcast premieres expected to be on Canal+ Family in France and Super RTL in Germany.


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