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New Teaser Images For Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph

New Teaser Images For Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph

Disney has just released a set of nifty teaser pics for their upcoming full length CG adventure Wreck-It-Ralph, which is due out on November 2 this year. Directed by Rich Moore (Simpsons), the movie follows the story of Ralph, a videogame villain who has grown tired of always being the bad guy and decided to cross over to other arcade games in order to prove that he has what it takes to be one of the good guys. Wreck It Ralph features a notable voice cast that includes the likes of John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch, Sara Silverman, and Jack McBrayer.

The teaser images run the gamut, and manage to show off a wide variety of game worlds that Ralph will visit (and probably wreak havoc in). According to Disney reps in an interview a few weeks ago, the movie will feature a few popular videogame icons making a surprise appearance, and the company has even secured permissions from the companies that own said characters:

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