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New Teen Titans Go! Game: HouseBroken Hero

New Teen Titans Go! Game: HouseBroken Hero

In support of Teen Titans Go! ‘s premiere on the Cartoon Network this coming Tuesday, April 23, 2013, a brand-spanking new browser-based game has just been released, titled “Housebroken Hero,” which features team member Beast Boy facing off against the Titans Tower’s own defense system after being thrown out by the team.

The reason Beast Boy’s been thrown out of the Titans Tower is because Raven, Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire are all sick of Beast Boy’s animal forms shedding pet hair all over their things, so they set one simple rule: No More Animal Forms Inside the Tower. Now, it is up to Beast Boy to use his various forms in order to navigate and survive the dangerous trek back to the tower.

Housebroken Hero is basically a sidescrolling platformer – where you guide Beast Boy from one side of the screen towards the other via the arrow keys – with one very simple twist: you’ll be changing forms from time to time in order to take advantage of the terrain. For instance, Beast Boy will change into a mouse in one part so that he can fit inside a box that’s blocking the way. It’s a very simple, yet highly addictive mechanic that adds a little bit of spice to the gameplay.

You can check out the video below:

To play Housebroken Hero, you can go directly to its page at

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