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Teletoon Canada Orders More Episodes of Rocket Monkeys


Toronto’s Breakthrough Entertainment has recently received an order for 26 more half hour episodes of their hit animated space comedy adventure series Rocket Monkeys from Teletoon Canada. The announcement was made jointly by Breakthrough Entertainment co-managing director Ira Levy and Teletoon Canada’s director of original content Alan Gregg.

The universe follows the space-faring adventures of two monkeys, Gus and Wally, who are the only line of defense the universe has against rogue black holes, criminal masterminds, vengeful aliens, and rifts in the evil dimension. While both monkeys are severely limited in terms of skill and brain power, they more than make up for it in gusto and with a little help from their dashing but slightly obsolete robot YAY-OK.

Rocket Monkeys is produced by Breakthrough in association with TELETOON and Atomic Cartoons. Mark Evestaff will continue to serve as showrunner.

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