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Teletoon Launches Dr. DimensionPants Next Month

Canada’s Teletoon is prepping a new animated series titled Dr. Dimensionpants for its Can’t Miss Thursdays programming block. Scheduled for launch on November 6, 6:30 pm ET/PT, the 26 x 30 series will premiere day-and-date on Teletoon’s French feed in Quebec as Dr. Pantastique.

Dr. Dimensionpants is created by Brad Peyton (Cats & Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), and focuses on 12-year old superhero Kyle, who once again proves that with great power comes great responsibility. Except in Kyle’s case, he’d rather not have so much of the responsibility. With the aid of a talking unicorn mentor named Phillip, Kyle in his Dr. Dimensionpants alter ego must learn how to master his powers while defending his hometown of Gandervill from various evils, all the while maintaining his sanity as he juggles schoolwork and family life with his spandex-clad adventures.

The series is produced by DHX Media and TELETOON.


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