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New Test Footage for Dragon Ball: Absalon Fanfilm

New Test Footage for Dragon Ball: Absalon Fanfilm

Fans of Akira Toriyama’s iconic Dragon Ball anime/manga franchise may be getting another fill with the upcoming Battle of the Gods movie, but those who want something that can be consumed on a regular basis might find enjoyment in fan animator Mellavelli’s unofficial sequel to the series, titled Dragonball: Absalon. He’s released test footage of a fight scene for the second episode, which you can watch below:

Mellavelli’s animation style is admittedly not professional-level, but the fight scenes are well directed and flow smoothly. In any case, it’s not that far off from the subpar animation we’ve been given via Dragon Ball GT (which didn’t have Akira Toriyama on board, explaining the reduction in quality).

If you missed the first episode of Dragonball: Absalon, you can watch it below:

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