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TF1 and Marathon Media team for Rekkit Rabbit season 2 on Disney Channel

TF1 and Marathon Media team for Rekkit Rabbit season 2 on Disney Channel

So, there’s this 10 foot rabbit named Rekkit, see? Well, he wasn’t always that large – he used to be the standard magician’s assistant in Chakabrak, but, let’s just say he had enough of that. Now, he just spends his days getting into adventure (and trouble) with his best pal Jay Shmufton, who helps Rekkit deal with his magical abilities. Created by Marathon Media, Zodiak, Reid Harrisson and Mitch Watson, Rekkit Rabbit is being picked up for a second season by TF1 in addition to premiering on Europe’s Disney Channel. There’s no knowing what’s going to happen when you’ve got a rabbit that sleepeats his friends, sneezes Scottish hamsters and can’t seem to get a spell right – but it’s going to be fun finding out!

Marathon Media's Rekkit Rabbit

Rekkit Rabbit

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  1. kashish and krissh kashish and krissh

    Kashish – I love your cartoon specially when rekkit rabbit lost his tail and even when jake caught all the plates and cups because I just thought for a minute that all the plates,cups are going to fall and then jake and rekkit will be grounded . But still your cartoon is the best cartoon on ejunior.

    Krissh – love your cartoon .

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