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The Hive hits Playhouse Disney in 2011

The Hive hits Playhouse Disney in 2011

Down in Honeybee Hive, Pappa Bee, Mamma Bee, Buzzbee, and Rubee live a regular normal life. Well, for bees. Not unlike DreamWorks Animations’ A Bee Movie, the world of The Hive is a fast and furious look at human-like insects, ready to take to the sky in black and yellow patterns. And thanks to the family and their friends Miss Ladybird, Katypillar, Willy the Wasp, and Queen Bee, the newest CG animated Disney toon is always bustling with adventure. The hope is to share that fun with countries around the globe as Disney rolls out the series to it’s Playhouse Disney lineup. A joint venture between The Hive Enterprises, Bejuba, Lupus Films, Monumental Productions, and DQ Entertainment International, the new toon will debut in early 2011. BEE on the lookout for it!

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  1. Dawn Dawn

    hope they get toys available for this quick as my daughter loves this show.

  2. Ami Ami

    hope toys and dvds come out real soon my son loves it to bits

  3. Chanelle Chanelle

    My brother loves this show it betta be
    availible soon

  4. bev bev

    hope they bring out some toys soon as my son jayden loves the hive

  5. Molly Blake Molly Blake

    my lil sis loves this show! she loves rubee xx

  6. brandon thomas brandon thomas

    my girlfriends 2 yr old cuzion watches this show and i love it!… and im 17…

  7. one direction. one direction.

    hi guys i love the hive its amence! love oneD

  8. wendy wendy

    when will they bring this out on dvd and bring out the toys my wee girl just loves it


    I hope DVD’s, clothes and toys come out soon as my 15 month old son adores its. As soon as he comes on the TV his face lights up! And he can say buzzbee :o))


  10. julie julie

    my little boy of 9 months loves it as soon as the song goes on his eyes light up hope they bring the toys out

  11. Lola Lola

    My 21-month old daughter sings the theme song practically non-stop, each day! It is such a lovely show and we both watch it together every single day.

  12. Casper Casper

    Any DVDs available yet? My 1.5 year old son loves it. Even my 3 months old daugther watches it. Or does she watch just anything at this age ? 🙂 Well, and even their parents watch it.

  13. amal amal

    my son loves the hive . i make little bee clothes for him he loves pretending to be buzzbee

  14. Steve Steve

    any news on the hive toys?

  15. Hailey Hailey

    My daughter is only 8 months and she only has to hear the music and she stops whatever she is doing and watches the show, she claps along with it and smiles and screams. I really hope they bring out some toys soon because I have been checking the Disney site every week.

  16. sharon sharon

    My 9 months old loves the hive she laughs and chuckles all the time…. the only thing is I cannot find any of the characters in the shop are they not available. We would love to buy buzz bee and jasper.

  17. karen karen

    my 2 yr old daughter loves the hive, ive searched everywhere for toys but there noy available will disney be bringing out the hive toys soon???

  18. Jane Jane

    My 1 year old daughter love this programe and has been watching it since she was 5 months old. Would love to be able to buy her a buzz bee teddy. Hope they bring them out soon!

  19. Isabel Bornman Isabel Bornman

    Hi there, can any one assist me, my kiddie loves the show and i want to use it as a theme for his birthday party, can someone assit with a website with some pictures of the caraters please??

  20. aries lee aries lee

    is so good!

  21. Lesley Lesley

    My grandaughter loves this programme I just wished you could buy dvds and soft toys it would make her very happy…

  22. Tahani Tahani

    My daughter 1 year old loves buzzbee , as soon as it starts you will see a nice smile on her face and when the end music will start she will cry immediately, I wish if I can get buzzbee toys and clothes on online shopping.

  23. Sonia Kenny Sonia Kenny

    I see this video is available in Austrailia and New Zealand when will it be available in the UK. My 14month Grandson loves this.

  24. Mark peers Mark peers

    Can any tell me where I can buy buzzbee toys from as my grandson loves the show

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