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The Incredibles to Return in 2019, Toy Story 4 Delayed

As part of their NYCC campaign, Disney and Pixar have revealed a few key details about their release schedule beyond 2017, and two standouts were the CG animated superhero comedy property The Incredibles and the iconic Toy Story franchise.

According to the announcement, the long awaited sequel to The Incredibles has finally been given a release date: June 21, 2019. Original co-writer/director Brad Bird is said to be working on the script. No plot details were given, but it was said that the new movie will be a continuation of the first one and that most of the main characters will be returning, including Samuel L. Jackson’s Frozone.

Disney/Pixar has also revealed that Toy Story 4’s release date has been pushed further back to June 15th, 2018, with its original June 16th 2017 slate being given to Cars 3 instead. The fourth Toy Story film will follow Woody and Buzz as they go on an adventure to locate Bo Peep.



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