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The Jim Henson Company Partners with FranceTV for Dinosaur Train Shorts

The Jim Henson Company has recently entered into a partnership with France Televisions for the production of a series of educational shorts based on the animated series Dinosaur train, the fourth season of which is currently in production at Henson. The new shorts are expected to debut this December.

The shorts are being developed by Paris-based Kayenta Productions, with an eye towards 26 episodes, with each one running for 3 minutes each. The shorts will follow Buddy and his friends on the Dinosaur Train to one of 26 islands, each one representing a letter from the alphabet.

“The Dinosaur Train franchise has proven to be incredibly popular in France, and giving fans value-added content on television and online will further strengthen the brand’s popularity with parents, educators and the children themselves,” said Richard Goldsmith, Executive Vice President, Global Distribution for The Jim Henson Company.


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