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Things I Learned from AX 2016 (even though I wasn’t there)

Note: The Comments made in this essay does not necessarily represent the views of Toonbarn.

Something big happened in AX 2016. Maybe it was that amazing cosplay work of one Anime character, maybe it was the meme and jokes that came around it and so on.

But i want to talk about business and franchises.

In AX, i saw a generation that was promised the world, falling into the dirt and the trash of criminal agents and other such nonsense. I saw something else. I saw the only hope for the genre, audience rapped around the room hoping beyond hope  that the future would be bright – dimmed under the lights of these folks.

I saw how western art has been made deranged, and those who have no talent are dissing those that do in this convention. Its sad that some in the convention acted like kids, others didn’t know how to act and all types of chicanery.

But the thing that really grind my gears was the acceptance and whole hearted support of Crunchyroll as equals to, or greater than Toonami.

No, thats something that can never stand.

Anime would have been bigger in the states if it wasn’t for Crunchyroll. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Crunchyroll was created as a way to calm the cultural changes Toonami and others brought to the entertainment world. In many ways, the things Hollywood protecting now are the last step of the concept of the cultural/corporate safe space.

All Crunchyroll continues to do is the stealing and the continuation of the long con, which is Hollywood’s sort-of kinda backwards “love letter” to Japanese culture.

Its simple really. Do you support the side of the obvious criminals (as I have explained already months ago?) or do you support the side of Toonami, who produced this when nobody else could do it:

We dont have much left as fans of animation. Sure, there some interesting things in the theatrical world, their some in the independent circuit that might be positive. But we in the west have squandered the gift in animation, as those with the weakest talent are able to reach the point of tv production, because nobody cares unless you say the “New Gods”, “New Goddesses”, “New Heroes” all at once.

Crunchyroll, for the first time in animations long history – is the existential threat to the future of the genre as a whole (E/I only became one it because Government continues to overstep their bounds), and because it has been unchallenged in the media as a whole,  it brings even more “disruption” via Kiss(insert this that and the other here) and ToonamiAftermath (a nut that cant yet be cracked for some reason) because if Crunchyroll can do it, ANYBODY can cheat the system and win son.

Make your choice. Its simple.

But I dont want Toonami to die yet again.

I dont want the crowd that wrapped around the stage…to be empty ever.

The Choice as it always been, is always been yours.



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