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Tiny Island and Electric Circus Partner for G-Fighters


Korean production house Electric Circus has recently entered into a co-pro partnership with Singaporean studio Tiny Island productions in order to collaborate on a brand new CGI action-adventure series titled G-Fighters. The series will consist of 26 x 22 minute episodes and will be supported by SBA, EBS, KOCCA, SK Broadband, and CJ E&M.

Tiny Island’s CEO David Kwok said, “We have always admired Electric Circus’s design works. We are confident that the unique design of the show will make it standout in the market.”

“Tiny Island Productions is one of the best 3D Animation Studios in Singapore,” says Wooki Kim, CEO of Electric Circus. “The synergy between the two companies will definitely make this co-production relationship a great success.”

There’s no definite release date yet, but the studios are targeting the end of 2014.

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