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Toon Hero App Review; Interview and Demo at NYCC

Toon Hero app demo and interview at NYCC

Toon Hero is an iPad app that makes it easy for anyone to make short animated clips using your favorite characters and backgrounds, and recording your own voice.

Toon Hero app screen

Now you can bring your favorite characters to life with Toon Hero. Create your own story, joke, holiday greeting or create a message to share online with your friends. It is as simple as tapping, dragging and recording your own voice.

So far, these are the Brands available on Toon Hero:
– Jim Henson’s Doodles
– National Geographic
– Hero:108
– Mukpuddy’s Pocket Protectors (Winner of the ToonBarn ToonOlympics in 2012!)
– Bravest Warriors
– Trigger Happy

Toon Hero Brands

The company who makes the Toon Hero app, Trigger Happy, had a booth set up at New York Comic Con last weekend and provided demos for people who wanted to know more about the app. Trigger Happy, which is based in Auckland, New Zealand, says the mission of Toon Hero is to be the launch pad from which aspiring filmmakers, authors and animators are discovered and admired.

We talked to the CEO of Trigger Happy, Shona Grundy, at their New York Comic Con Booth, and found out about the development of the app, received a quick demo, and learned what the plans are for the future of the app.

TOON HERO – Become One Website


Toon Tips:


Toon Hero Store

Key Features:
– Famous characters
– “multi-dimensional” backgrounds
– Easy to use – simply touch, tap and talk
– FREE items and in app purchasing.
– Once you have purchased your character/background you have them to use for as many creations as you like.
– Toyshelf – store your characters the way you like them
– Voice record functionality
– Easy to share – virtually anywhere online

Toon Hero Stage

Tips for the best TOON HERO experience:
– 4 easy steps to create and share- ToyStore, ToyShelf, Stage and Share.
– Download your FREE character or background from each brand in the ToyStore.
– To unlock signature moves “Tap-Swipe” the character
– This app is designed to work in landscape orientation.
– Tap the orange trigger button to release the toolbar.
– The toolbar is designed to be activated with the thumb of your supporting hand.
– Tutorials for using TOON HERO can be found on the bottom button of the tool bar, at any time.
-Sharing your video: Please do not leave the page, or close your iPad, when your video is being created. Good things take time!

More articles from New York Comic Con are coming soon. Stay Tuned!

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