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ToonBarn’s FREE Nintendo 3DS Giveaway

ToonBarn's FREE Nintendo 3DS Giveaway

A new era dawned on March 27th, when the Nintendo 3DS launched in the U.S. Finally, video games jump from the console in to our world! Just think of your favorite toons in 3D: Ben 10, Sonic the Hedgehog, Disney’s Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars The Clone Wars, SpongeBob SquarePants, Beyblade, Batman, Pokemon,nd more. And the absolute best part; ToonBarn is giving away LOTS of brand new Nintendo 3DS handhelds FOR FREE. Anyone can enter, there are no age or location restrictions, so read on to find out how you can get YOUR free Nintendo 3DS!

Complete ALL FOUR steps edls
1) Be a registered member on (free to sign up! JOIN NOW)
2) List your ToonBarn name AND Facebook name in a comment below
3) Hit the Facebook “Like” button on our ToonBarn fan page
4) Hit the following Nintendo DS Giveaway Facebook “Like” button

For every ONE HUNDRED (100) people that “LIKE” this page AND ToonBarn’s Facebook Fan page, we’ll randomly select ONE Grand Prize Winner to get a FREE Black Nintendo 3DS (North American region). We’ll randomly select a second winner at 200 LIKEs, a third at 300, a fourth at 400, etc. – watch the counter under the SEARCH area to prepare for the next winner. Each entry carries over to the next 3DS giveaway, so you only need to enter once, and all winners will be contacted via email. The more entr we get, the more 3DS systems we’re giving away, Digg, Tweet, and email your friends to increase your odds! Hang in ToonBarn’s Message Board for updates and other giveaways!

UPDATE May 4 2011: counter is at 100 announce the first Nintendo DS winner Saturday
UPDATE May 7th, 2011: Congrats to first winner!span
UPDATE May 18th, 2011 LIKE counter is 200! Well announce the second Nintendo DS winner Saturday, May 21st.
UPDATE May 21st, 2011 Congrats to the second winner!

UPDATE June 30th 2011 counter is at 300! We’ll announce the third Nintendo 3DS winner via ToonBarn forum Private Message in the next few days. Be sure to check the ToonBarn forum to see if you’re the lucky winner!

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

By ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

385 replies on “ToonBarn’s FREE Nintendo 3DS Giveaway”

I want one because parents don’t have the money to afford one and my parents are and i didn’t even get a birthday present or a cake so maybe the 3ds would really help me get over my sadness

toonbarn: kidjermyAM
facebook: jeremy joyner

“Crow2010 said: There is a lot of people on here. Just hope they are here to stay for a while.”

totally agree, Crow! fortunately, those who hang around and regularly chat in our ToonBarn Forum will get a nice leg-up in all the competition!! 🙂

I like this give away but I don’t want the price. the 3DS has a region lock so I can only play american games. I still hit the like button to get 100 likes

meh i told my friend and he asked me to do this ehh so here

FB account: Bryant Regalado

Toonbarn account: you already know. . .

Yo, Facebook name is Stephen D, 3DS looks pretty sweet. Gimme a thumbs up who is mega excited for Ocarina of time 3D?! All those memories coming back =P

Did my comment submit, I don’t see it? Anyways just in case, Facebook names Stephen Doolan. Good luck to everyone in the comp! The winner will be a lucky guy or gal.

I don’t think we are going to reach 100 Likes anymore…
That’s a pity…
Otherwise, good luck everybody!!!

Every time I try to register on this website, it leaves me with this message:
“Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /nfs/c09/h03/mnt/131728/domains/ on line 2822”

See, the problem is that while the Facebook fan page has nearly 500 likes, people have forgotten to like this article as well. This page and the Facebook page need to have at least a hundred fans EACH before any 3DS handhelds will ever be given away.

Pay attention! This page needs 47 more likes as of this post!

My username is is Conkerkid11, and my Facebook name is Tanner Sundwall. Thank you so much for giving all of us the opportunity to win 3DS gaming systems! I’m so excited! Good luck to everyone else, I hope someone wins soon.

my username is taly4 and my facebook name is Avital Brodski. BTW I reallllly need a new DS my parents forbid me to buy anything!!!

hey toon barn i am posting my information again because im not sure if i did it right last time.

Facebook:Colton Remington

Guys come on lets convince all our friends to like the contest and lets get the prizes just 9 more guys

I have a question does it matter if you commented your details twice? cause i thought i did it wrong the first time so i entered them again but then i realized i did do it right the first time

My Toonbarn username is bipple and my facebook is Bipple Sheen. Hope I win, my nephew would literally do a backflip if I gave him this on his b day.

come on toon barn Rob how long does it take you can do it come on finish checking them YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

My Details:

Hope I Win
ToonBarn: bojo111
Facebook: Bojo Regio
Note: I hav 2 Profile with the name of Bojo Regio my Real Profile have a profile photos of a Anime Series(Fairy Tail)

Holy cow! When I checked this page yesterday, it was at 125 likes or so. Now I check today and it’s jumped by at least 50! Keep it up, I’m proud of you all!

Facebook name: Rin Yasagawa

ToonBarn name: 3DSFan

Made a FB account to win a 3ds… I want one soo bad!!!!!

yay!!!!!! it’s already 201 like!!!!!!! this is such a nice giveaway toonbarn!!!!!!

toonbarn name:viral9

facebook name: Smiley pcs

to those of you who emailed about the missing comments: don’t worry, we have your entries!! There have been so many entries in this giveaway, it’s overloading our system 🙂 But never fear, this does not mean that we rejected your chance to win! Every entry is instantly accounted for in our database — as soon as you enter. So even if your post does not show up on this page, or did show up and then disappeared, we’ve still got you covered!!

I’ve been craving for the N3DS since the first news about it came out. I have been saving money for it but I had to spend it on other things first (yay for being 18 ”-__-)

So this is a great opportunity!

Toonbarn: Sjiveurniii

Facebook: Sjiveurniii

(How original, I am.)

Toonbarn: Tanker007
Facebook:Austin Paparo

I am hoping to win this. My birthday is coming up and I realy want it!!

aw man there was a giveaway a few days ago…

2 have been given away
toonbarn name – Brobot
facebook name – Cass Bokedy

Facebook name: Stephanie Wolfe
Toonbarn name: violetsauce

Thank you for this opportunity! I would love to win a 3DS. It would brighten up a tough situation in my life right now, truly. Good luck everyone!

come on we need 300 fans for the next dsi 3ds to be given out i’am gonna ask
people to like the page!

Look i really want to win this i looked for 6hours then i found this so please let
me win! Because i really

Hi I’am Katherine and i absolutely love Nintendo’s please,please and more pleases let me win this i never ever won anything!so please please let me
win this!!

It’s been a while since I last checked.
247 likes as of this post. Only 53 more to go!
Good luck to everyone! I believe in you all!

ToonBarn: Lanternity

Facebook: Alberto Ordaz

This is a great contest! Playing Ocarina of Time 3D would be awesome.

Toonbarn: Thenebulousmind

Facebook: Hunter S. Thompson

Thanks a bunch Toonbarn! I’ll stick around for a bit 😉

P.s. – A 3DS would be awesomeeeee. First two games to be picked up…Ocarina and Pilot Wings of course. Bring me back to my ripe golden childhood.

Almost at 300! I’m feeling lucky 🙂 Ah, I can just see the indecisiveness when choosing between Zelda, Starfox, or Pilot Wings… wow talk about bringing me back to my childhood. P.s. – I think its silly how many people thought they entered meanwhile they did’nt read all the rules! Thanks Toonbarn, see you around the forums!

last post was a mistake I meant to put that on the forums, discard it please admin as I have already posted in this area and dont want to be disqualified.

WHAT?!?! Ughhh, whether you post to the forum or here it goes to both so my post wasnt a mistake in actuality just me not paying attention.

this is so awesome! I’m entering for sure! 😀

Toonbarn name: hatsunemiku01

Facebook name: Brianne Schlegelmilch

Alright 300! I didn’t win the last two picks but I’m confident this time!

Toonbarn name: Viral9

facebook name: Smiley PCS

Gosh i wonder what’s taking to announce the winner? i hope nothing’s wrong.

Toonbarn name: viral9

Facebook name: Smiley PCS


facebook:keivon heard

and i relly want a 3ds so bad i keep begin my mom and she all ways sas no so i just cam on her to see if i can win :[

I would just love one. I haven’t even seen a real one yet. All of my friends have one but i don’t . You don’t know how much I want one. 🙁

I would love to win a nintendo 3ds I Like mario games!!!!!

My Toonbarn is obviously nario9008 and my facebook name is Carlos Palacios

i can promote your website and promos using my instagram account with 20k followers 🙂 i hit the popular page sometimes 🙂 username :jualodino

hello toon barn please let me have the 3ds i really need it for my sick cousin he has a cancer please let me win to make him all happy oh please toon barn let my cousin happy please he is so sad please le me win oh please toon barn please let me win 🙁

There are a ton of games I want for the 3DS. But of course, I don’t have one. lol
Anyway my favorite cartoon would have to be Adventure Time. 🙂

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