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Trigger Happy Launches Toon Hero App


New Zealand-based software developer Trigger Happy has recently debuted a new social storytelling app for iOS users, titled “Toon Hero,” which is an app that helps kids create their own animated yarns using famous characters. The beauty of the app is that it doesn’t require any training nor artistic ability, but helps foster skills that will be practical and useful in the child’s day to day life.

The Toon Hero App will feature exclusively licensed characters and elements from The Jim Henson Company (Doodles), National Geographic (scenic virtual backdrops) and New Zealand’s Mukpuddy, and Cartoon Network series Hero: 108. The app also has social networking extensions that allow kids to share their toons as status updates, stories, jokes, greetings, and more.

Future updates planned include additional characters, including ones from Frederator Studios’ hit webtoon Bravest Warriors. The app is currently available in 14 different languages, and is available for free through the App Store. Premium characters and backdrops can be purchased in-app for as little as 99 cents. You can visit the official site at for more details

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