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Ubisoft to Develop a Poptropica DS Game

Ubisoft to Develop a Poptropica DS Game

The hit kid-oriented virtual world PopTropica will soon be available on a smaller and much more portable format as Ubisoft partners with in order to develop a full featured videogame that features the site’s characters and popular settings.

Set for a holiday 2012 release on the Nintendo DS system, the yet unnamed Poptropica game will take the popular browser based kiddie MMO to the DS’ dual screen setup. The stylus controls seems like a perfect replacement for Poptropica’s mouse cursor-oriented control scheme, and since the game was in 2D rendered in flash, the DS would have no trouble recreating the virtual world.

It was also a sound business decision on Ubisoft’s part to create the game for the DS instead of the 3DS, since they would be able to target all the existing DS users while still retaining the 3DS’ already impressive userbase (the 3DS is backwards compatible with DS carts).

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