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Unico Anime Films to Be Released by Discotek on Blu-Ray

Unico Anime Films to Be Released by Discotek on Blu-Ray

Discotek Media has recently announced on Facebook that they will be releasing the two Unico anime films on Blu-ray, a full year after releasing the titles on DVD. Japan will get a Blu-Ray release for each movie, but Discotek also plans to release a double feature Blu-Ray that will include both films later this year.

Unico is a manga and anime character by the legendary Osamu Tezuka. The series focuses on the titular baby unicorn who has the natural ability to make all living creatures lighthearted and happy.

The Blu-Ray set will include The Fantastic Adventures of Unico, directed by Toshio Hirata and original manga creator Osamu Tezuka, and Unico in the Island of Magic, directed by Moribi Murano. The Japanese Blu-Ray release has been confirmed to contain both English subtitles and dubbing.

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