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The Venture Bros. Returns for A Very Venture Halloween this October

The Venture Bros. Returns for A Very Venture Halloween this October

Fans of The Venture Bros are in for a treat this coming October. No, they’re not returning for another season (yet), but they’ll be back for a very scary and hilarious (as expected of any show by Publick and Hammer) Halloween special. Titled ‘A Very Venture Halloween,’ the special is scheduled to premiere on October 28, 11:30 pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.

The Very Venture Halloween special will fill everyone’s goody bag with fun-sized Truth, as Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer return to their directorial, writing, and voicing duties, with Titmouse, Inc. still producing the special.

There’s no announcement yet on whether this will pick up where the last season left off, heralding a new season, or whether A Very Venture Halloween will be a stand alone story (possibly an alternate reality story or a revisiting of the Ventures’ past, you can never tell with these guys). Watch this space for further announcements.

You can also visit Adult Swim’s official website at

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